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Need a wrap chopped, middle marker moved, and hemmed? My fee for that is $12 + cost of wrap shipping.


Are there any items you don't make?

I for sure do not make Tula hoods, doolers, reach straps. I don't make crib shoes, why mess with perfection? You can visit Sew Crunchy for those, I personally have owned them, and she is CPSC compliant. Looking for suspenders or hair flowers? I recommend Sugar & Dreams I have personally owned their hair flowers and suspenders and can vouch for the great quality. I do not make teethers as those must be cpsc tested for compliance. I make nursing necklaces on a case by case basis however you must give me the exact measurement of how long youd like it to be and width. I do not make any baby carriers, vital components of carriers such as chest clips, or even toy carriers as those should be cpsc tested as well.


Wrap Scrap Accessories - Wallets, Car Accessories, Headbands, Ear Warmers, Steering Wheel Cover, Mini Wallets, Keyfobs, Lanyards...

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